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Solid Surface



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Solid Surface 
Solid surface countertops are made from sturdy acrylic materials that are easy to care for and highly resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew. Solid surface countertops are durable, non-porous and offer a seamless appearance, making them a popular choice for active households. Solid surface countertops are available in more than 130 colors as well as a wide range of patterns designed to mimic the look of stone, granite and quartz.

Solid surface countertops are less resistant to scratches and heat than their stone counterparts but they can be easily renewed and are usually a more affordable countertop choice.

This is just a small sampling of our extensive counter top selection.

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Composed of natural stone that’s endured for millions of years, granite countertops are a favorite choice for many homeowners who use their kitchens as a way to express their unique style and taste. Granite countertops are extremely hard and durable and highly stain, scratch and heat resistant.

Unlike generic granite which requires annual sealing, Stonemark Granite, available exclusively at The Home Depot, features a revolutionary anti-stain technology that requires no sealing for at least 15 years. While granite countertops will hold up to virtually all ordinary kitchen use, they aren’t indestructible and will chip or break if they’re mistreated.


Quartz is the natural choice that provides a unique feel and offers a non-porous and scratch resistant surface that’s ideal for use in the kitchen. Made from engineered stone, quartz countertops require no sealing or polishing. Silestone® Quartz countertops offer a choice of more than 50 dazzling, gem-like colors in two distinct finishes for your kitchen. Silestone features built-in anti-microbial protection, which makes the surface impervious to bacteria, mold and mildew.

Like granite, quartz is extremely durable but it will break and can be damaged with prolonged exposure to high heat from hot pans or plates. Avoid cleaning quartz with strong chemical cleaners or solvents.